In the name of a Legend

First of all, I want to tell you again that I'm very sorry for being offline for two days.
I think, most of my followers guessed that I could not miss the Oscar ceremony. I was actually making a huge Oscar winners review when bad news came.

French actress and 1950s cinematic icon Annie Girardot died peacefully in Paris on Monday after a long battle with Alzheimer's disease, her family said. She was 79.
I will not tell much, but this is a big loss for me and for the world of cinema. This is why I decided not to publish my Oscar thoughts and devote totady's post to this great woman's memory.
My todays recommendation is a wonderful masterpiece I watched about three years ago. Unfortunately I don't know about English version as I watched it with subtitles, but I recommend you to do your best and watch this film.

Original movie title: À chacun son enfer
Year: 1977
Genre:  Drama, Mystery
Director: André Cayatte
Writers: André Cayatte (screenplay), André Cayatte (story)
Stars: Annie Girardot, Hardy Krüger and Bernard Fresson
When her 10-year-old daughter is killed by kidnappers, Madeleine (Annie Girardot) goes a little nuts. However, she is fully able to continue investigating what went wrong, despite badgering by news reporters and curious neighbors. Her 19-year-old son has behaved strangely throughout the whole ordeal, and eventually she confronts him.

Found no trailer, sorry
Enjoy watching!

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10 коммент.:

PekkaK said...

Sounds like a good movie, but hard to find :(

KUSHtunes said...

don't look exactly up my alley but i still might have to check them out.

Peanutzzz said...

I dont like drama D:

Charles said...

wow, thanks. thats too bad, I will check out the movie though.

G said...

such a shame I saw some of her stuff a few years back

leanmeansteen said...

dang i was hoping i would find it on eurotorrents. ill just have to keep searching. rest in peace annie

FranklinR said...

I've never heard of a lot of the films you mention. 0_o

ankmanpro said...

Scary ass poster....

Kim Anders said...

hope its a good one, gonna watch it tonight

metaphysicalfarms said...

The french always have freaky movies but I love it!

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